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                      Summary and Benefits

The Dynamic Z™ Modular System is a superior, high quality orthopedic drill that offers many benefits. It is specifically designed to speed up your operating time, cut down on anesthesia time and was designed with the ultimate goal of achieving significantly higher profit margins.

This specialized instrument can easily pay for itself in approximately ten surgeries or less. In the case of mobile surgeries, the Dynamic Z™ can pay for itself in two weeks or less.

As long as it is not auto-claved, the product can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. (not including shipping). There is also a two year manufacturer’s warranty on defects.

The price can vary, depending on what attachments and accessories are needed and what type of surgery you are using for. Part of our service to you is customizing a specific drill package and assortment that is customized to address your exact needs!




 Frequently Asked Questions

I see some of these lower priced orthopedic drills online. What is the difference between the Dynamic Z and some of the lower priced ones?

Comparing the Dynamic Z™ to a  cheaper, lower priced drill is like comparing a fine tuned Ferrari to your average pick-up truck. Upon using the driver for the very first time, you will immediately see and feel the difference and will never want to use an inferior drill ever again.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We offer financing through Paypal. It is a fast, simple process to get started. They also offer 6 months same as cash, where you pay no interest if your purchase is paid off in 6 months or less. Click here to get started!

What are the batteries made of?

The battery is Lithium Ion. Lithium Ion batteries are simply the best batteries on the market and their hallmark characteristics are longevity, power and charge-ability. The battery’s performance is part of a detailed Quality control system that has been implemented in the Dynamic Z  Orthopedic Power Drill.. The batteries are safe if treated as outlined in the manual and can be gas sterilized without issues.

Can the Dynamic Z batteries be autoclaved?

Dynamic Z Batteries are never to be auto-claved as it will cause the casings to deform and as a result, the battery become unstable. This action will void the batteries warranty.

How does the Dynamic Z compare to other surgical drills on the market?

Our Dynamic Z Orthopedic drill has set the bar very high when it comes to overall performance. The seamless feel of the quick connect attachments allows the surgeon to make a quick transformation of the hand piece without stalling to change out the entire set to a different saw or pin driver or AO driver. They are all available with the quick connect interchangeable attachments. It transforms a single hand piece to an all in one surgical power system. It takes literally seconds to change from a drill to a saw to a pin driver to an AO quick connect to etc. It’s all there right in front of the surgeon.

Simply put, The Dynamic Z™ is a much superior surgical instrument, that will reap both time and cost saving benefits and will easily pay for itself in just a short period of time.


Benefits of Dynamic Z™ Orthopedic Power Drill

  •  Dynamic Z™ Modular Power driver is a highly specialized surgical instrument.
  • Precision Design is made for precise results.
  • Is specifically made to be steam or gas sterilized.
  • Quick Connect Saw Blade Attachment makes precision cuts a snap.
  • This correct instrument makes orthopedic surgery much more efficient by simply by having the right tool to do the job.
  • Drill is cannulated to allow more precise pin advancement through the bone and soft tissue.
  • Overall Bone Work, Performance (drilling, sawing, pin driving, screwdriving etc.) becomes easier to do which makes anesthesia time dramatically reduced.
  • Will speed up bone work during the surgery.  

             Restrictions and Limitations of Standard Power Drill

  • A Makita or similar type power drill cannot be auto-claved because of grease fittings and bearings. Additionally, the high heat and pressure will blow out bearing seals and to even attempt autoclaving is dangerous. An inferior power drill could permanently destroy and / or contaminate your expensive Autoclave and ruin it altogether.
  • Your valuable time is wasted by not having the correct tools. An inferior drill will literally add hours to your surgery times.
  • Increased chance of infection due to non-sterile equipment in the OR.
  • Power Equipment Shrouds are an ineffective method of maintaining a sterile field especially for major cases like TPLO, TTA, FHO or Joint Replacement.
  • Most of the cheap power drills are simply an non-sterile household power tool.


The Dynamic Z™ is an amazing surgical power instrument that will increase

                                                  your overall bottom line.

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